Monday, October 17, 2011

"Let's go out in the City Monday night"

Was what P very nicely proposed on Friday.  He had a client meeting downtown and we had an experimental theatre company cocktail party benefit we'd already paid for - why not make a night of it?  Or at least that was the thinking on Friday.  By Monday, the reality of why not, came crashing in. 

In my mind, on Friday I'd go to the city wearing something smashing, enjoy dinner and some cocktails with interesting folks and be squired home by my dashing hubby.

Here's how that looked on Monday.  "Shit, I have nothing that I can wear into the office (remember the office?) for a wind down pizza day lunch and out to dinner in SoHo and to a downtown cocktail party.  Fine, I'll deal with it later."  Go to work, get out early, rush home, get new dog licenses(remember the dogs?), pay a shiva call, see what the kids' homework is looking like (remember the kids?), get the kids to roam the neighborhood to get signatures on dog petitions because there is no freaking way I can do it, (dogs and kids, oh boy!) run upstairs and throw everything in the closet on the bed searching for anything that will make me look like a cool downtown city girl, realize that no amount of packaging is gonna make that happen, but have no time to cry about it, curse and bless the inventor of Spanx simultaneously, throw on a wrap dress, boots and too much eye make-up.  Now where are those kids?

Waiting for P to call to say what train I should catch and wondering if I should be bummed or happy if he calls it off to just come home.  Did I mention I have to get the girl child to school for 6:30AM tomorrow morning?

Someday I will write about the great doggie candy eating debacle.......


zumbaJen said...

I am sure you would be radiant in anything you chose to wear but I understand the frustration! Great post.

Suki said...

Thanks! (on so many levels)