Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best moisturizer in the observable universe

And I don't use the term lightly.  This is what my jar of ReVive Senstif looks like when I'm done.  See that little smugdy bit?  As soon as I noticed it in the picture I went back in and got the rest out. Won't leave a smidge.  And this is just the little bottle they give you in the gift with purchase when you buy the big bottle.  The little bottle lasted me 7 1/2 weeks.  I usually get about 6 months out of a big bottle.  Which is a really good thing.  Because yowzah is it pricey.

Admittedly this is a godawful expensive moisturizer, which is why I scrape out every little bit, but this stuff beats everything - high and low. And believe me, I have tried everything.  It beats La Mer, it beats Olay Pro X, it beats Prevage, SK-II, and every single thing my dermatologist has ever given me.  And as we approach our early, late 40s (what? 48 counts) especially those of us who won't stick botulism in our heads because, um, botulism......we need the best possible weapons in the war against looking our age.  This is my bunker buster bomb.

Since I can never keep a good thing to myself, I offer this recommendation to all of you who might be in the same sort of position, skincarewise.  Go get some, you won't be sorry.  Well maybe your credit card will be, but it's worth it.  You can get it at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bliss - don't bother trying to find it cheaper in Canada - I've already tried.  Also I'm really hoping they send me some free stuff because of this blog post, the stuff rocks!

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