Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random things I have actually heard people say around here this week......

I need to start by saying I love my town.  It's a great place to live and raise a family and have dogs.  It's super safe and everyone is (nearly always) kind and nice to one another.  But it is a wealthy NYC suburb, full of people used to having everything their way and sometimes a teeny bit of entitlement bubbles up....just a scoosh...a little bit. Sometimes you can't help but notice. This week was one of those weeks when it got to be so noticeable I had to write it down. Mostly people admitting to violations and being appalled they were getting ticketed for them, and some just general nonsense.

"It was so unfair.  Ok, technically I was in the middle of the intersection, but I was stopped, and yes I was reaching for my phone, but only to turn it on to speaker, so that should count that I was trying to switch it, but I got a ticket for using my phone anyway. I had to miss tennis to go fight it."

"They are just looking for reasons to hand out tickets.  I live here. I better not get one. I know it says no parking, but I live here. I only have ten minutes here before Pilates. I have to park here now."

"I got an off leash, no registration, wrong area of the park, wrong time of day ticket.  It was super expensive! (said as if it was the officers fault for noting all her violations) And I missed tennis fighting it too!"

"You can have fun later! Right now you need to listen to me for two more minutes! Stop talking!"

"You can't go to your friend's benefit with raggedy nails. It's just rude." (OK, I might have heard that one coming out of my own mouth. No one is immune.)