Friday, September 23, 2011

You have GOT to be kidding me

Please know that any food that is left in the refrigerator is not up for grabs. If there is food leftover from a meeting it does not mean that you can help yourself. Please only help yourself if an email goes out telling you it is okay to do so.

The 2nd floor refrigerator is very full. Please be considerate of what you put in there. Please remember this is a shared space.


Yes I actually received this email today, because evidently I work at a sit-com of some sort.  I would so love a laugh track - and better lighting.  Today I had to make fundraising calls to lots of people, including ones named Elizabeth Taylor, LaToya Jackson and Lana Turner.  None of them were the people you'd hope.  I also had to stop myself from giggling hysterically into the phone when the voice mail I got to intoned that I was being processed by IP VoiceNet (say it out loud - yes I am a twelve year old).

In the last two weeks I've been at this place I've had both stomach flu and the cold from hell (that no one will give me antibiotics for!!!!)  My throat is absolutely killing me from talking on the phone for four hours straight begging for donations and my ears hurt from, well I don't know - they just hurt!

All in all, I can't say this experiment is going very well, but I've only got three weeks left.  During those three weeks we're having an 80th birthday party for my dad, we have guests staying with us from Australia for a week, we're hosting a dinner party for a friend we haven't seen since college (shit must loose 10 pounds pronto!),  and there are three week days with no school.  You know it's bad when you're kind of wishing you get hit with just some small space debris so you can rest up in the hospital for  a few days.

Maybe I'll amuse myself my moving around the food in the 2nd floor refrigerator.

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zumbaJen said...

This is hilarious and happens in my office too. When I get an annoying memo like this, I treat it like scrap paper and write an inconsequential note on the back to the original scribe. I might ask a question about a staff meeting a month away or if they happen to know the process for ordering post its. I'm sure it borders on passive aggressive on my part, but it's such fun!