Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last week

Last week I started a new experiment.  After fifteen years of at home momdom, working on a novel and keeping the place from falling down around our ears, I took a short-term temp job.  I'm working 20 hours a week for the next four weeks at a non-profit, helping them gear up for their major fundraiser of the year.

Twenty hours didn't seem like much, until I didn't have them in my week any more.  I started the week with a stomach bug, no knowledge of spreadsheets and not enough laundry done.  I pretty much ended the week the same way. 

We had only one family meal together (down from our usual five) and that one was cobbled together from left overs and a supermarket rotisserie chicken.  The girl ran out of shirts.  The boy ran out of shorts.  And by Friday I went grocery shopping at CVS.  Friday night I was doing laundry at 10:50PM.

Today the hubby and I went grocery shopping together.  (Sunday grocery shopping sucks.  There is NO food in the supermarket!) He's making dinner tonight.  I've got a list (and all the ingredients) for everything I'm going to cook all week.  What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, now I have a head cold.

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