Tuesday, July 10, 2018

All Hands on Deck! This is NOT a Drill.

I had the surreal experience today of watching our Governor sign an Executive Order to protect contraceptive rights.

Yes. Contraceptives.Yes. In 2018. Yes. In NY State. Make no mistake, it isn't just Roe at stake here. The right to privacy extends through Griswald. And those of us living in blue states who never thought we'd have to fight the battles our mothers and grandmothers did? We were wrong. I am shouting out to all my friends who never believed this day would come, "IT'S HERE!!!!" This isn't a Dem issue. Whether you are a Dem or Rep or have no party affiliation, 70+% of Americans believe Roe should exist, and even more believe Griswold should. We are the vast majority and need to make our voices heard, NOW. Your rights, your childrens' rights, women's lives are now at stake. Wherever you live, call your Senators and your Representative, then find out who represents you in your State government and call them too. Demand your Federal representatives not vote to confirm this SCOTUS pick. Demand Roe be codified into law in your state. If we lose this at the Federal level, we must have State protections in place. We will not go back. We have the numbers and we will prevail, but the time for complacency is done. We must all write, call, show up, protest and demand our voices be heard. This is not a drill. Losing or keeping these protections depend on your actions at this very moment.

If you are in NY State and are represented by a GOP State Senator, you need to know that the GOP leadership has refused to allow the bill codifying Roe to come to the floor. They shut down the State Senate over it in May. https://www.cityandstateny.com/articles/politics/new-york-state/how-state-senate-broke-down-week-explained.html  Call them and let them know you know they are holding this up and DEMAND they bring the bill to the floor. Demand they return to Albany and fix this NOW. Call them every day until they cave. We are not a special interest group. Women are 50% of the human population and it is time we demanded to be treated as such. We are half. The policians work for us, and it is time they started acting like it.

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