Friday, July 8, 2016

Weirdness. There is Just No Other Word.

It has been a very weird day.  And was already by eleven AM.  I was at the nail salon (it's Friday, people!!!) chit chatting idly with a couple of other women while we waited for our nails to dry.  One I have known for years (and this is important, because I know she is a lawyer) we've done yoga together, taken classes together, I've been in her home.  The other was unfamiliar.  We were talking about the gym and various yoga teachers and trying to exercise in this weather, when the one I know pivoted a bit to the odd feeling of dread in town and said something about the election being to blame.....the rest of the conversation follows as best as I can reproduce.  (Picture all smiles and lots of bared teeth from everyone involved at all times.)

Me:  Yeah, it is strange out there.  Someone actually stole my Hillary magnet off my car in my own driveway last night.
Her: Oh, yeah, I would never put a political magnet on my car. (Other woman nods in vigorous agreement)
Me: OK, but I would never take anyone else's.
Her: Of course, but it is someone using their freedom of expression.  Just like you did by putting on the magnet.  They are just expressing themselves. It's the same thing.  (More vigorous nodding)
Me: Um, except one is expression on private property, and one is stealing....Stealing isn't legal.
Her: Drugs aren't legal either. (yes, apropos of nothing)
Me: Well I wouldn't break into anyone's house and take their drugs either.

At that point my nails were dry enough to run away.  It was such an oddly disconcerting conversation.

Now I don't know that these women are Trump supporters, (but I can't  help but have my suspicions). I do wonder though, how we have gotten to the point in our country where in a suburban town, a lawyer would casually argue in favor of theft of property as a way to express that you disagree with someone.  Weirdness.


Shashi said...

I feel very sad, today. There seems to be a disconnect between various groups of people. It's hard to solve problems when all we seem to be able to do is shout in anger.

Leslie Digby Rizza said...

So if someone pulled your new multi-colored peace sign off the trunk of your car, that would or wouldn't be stealing? Until next week at the nail salon... Let's hope that the person who took your Hillary magnet just wanted to say "I'm with Hillary" too!