Monday, August 3, 2015


Packing so soon?  It is in my nature.  I am an epic packer.  It calms me.  Seriously.  Not like oh I only need to bring 6 pairs of shoes for a weekend in Boca epic - like everyone gets one carry on for a 3 week trip to Australia & California, covering 3 distinct climate zones, and everything has to fit, epic.  I am great at editing down a trip wardrobe to only the essentials, and yet I am here to tell you that there is no way in hell to pack new sheets back into the plastic containers they came in once you've washed them (to get rid of the sizing so he won't be uncomfortable, that's why!).  No damn way.

Did I mention that I'm packing up my baby because he's running away from home (OK, fine, going to college) at the end of the month?  I have lists upon lists all over the house. I am driving him crazy and it's only August 3rd.   I have already been told in no uncertain terms that he doesn't care what color underwear I buy him.  Or flavor of mouthwash.  And that no, he doesn't know what happened to his sneakers.

August is going to be a very long month.


Miri Textiles said...

missus! you're so funny. i can picture you doing all of this so well. <3

Suki said...

Thanks Betty! So fun to get a response. Sometimes this feels like shouting into the void.....